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In the fast paced society of the 21st century, Travel the Max is your ultimate choice for travel arrangements.

We help you book your flights, hotels, and car rentals with no hassle or complications.

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As our client, all you need to do is tell us your dream destination, travel dates, and we do the rest!

We maintain close ties with luxury hotels around the globe, enabling us to offer you steep discounts on unparalleled rates. Travel the Max will make sure you get the lowest fares and best choice. It’s our promise to you!

A Passion For Travel

Our CEO, Max, has had a passion for travel ever since he was a young child. Growing up with a father who travelled the world, he had the privilege of constantly joining him on business trips and family vacations.

about us

As he got older and realized how much arranging a vacation takes, he decided that he will one day make it easier for the consumer. And make it easy he did! Max, with his determination and experience has created a revolutionary company in the world of air travel. Along with his dedicated and professional staff, Max tends to every client personally.

He is the nation’s most trusted individual when it comes to bringing you the lowest prices and the best quality for any of your travel needs.

Trust Max and you’ll get to relax!

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We arrange all your business travels down to the very last detail. You are free to focus on your business and meetings and we will schedule your business trips!

Travel the Max will help your company become more productive by utilizing our Corporate Travel Services. Our Corporate Travel department are fully versed in companies’ individual preferences and take care of all your travel arrangements.

We also offer chauffeur services to and from the airports as well as booking conference rooms for all your business needs. At Travel the Max we strive at exceeding your expectations in terms of quality, value and service.


Our team consists of experienced travel agents from all across the nation, giving us collective knowledge and extensive experience. Together we navigate the otherwise complex world of air travel to bring you quality service.

First Time Travelers

As an inexperienced first time traveler, the task of booking tickets and dealing with airlines may seem daunting. That’s where travel the max takes over. We deal with the airlines, check prices and timings, and deal with any issues that may arise. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the trip!

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